Spring 2024 UK University Tour

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After his 2023 US Tour, Daniel will rock UK universities in spring 2024. Register now for an exciting journey that tells you how to negotiate at the UN, how t

Right out of university, Daniel founded an NGO that today conducts negotiations at the UN, 

How can small NGOs make a difference? How do you even found an NGO? And what is it like sitting at the table with ambassadors and the UN to negotiate 

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If your university participates in any of the below events, secure your spot now

University of Manchester

25 April 2024, 05.30pm - 07.00pm

University of Oxford

29 April 2024, 06.00pm - 08.00pm

The Kiln Theatre, London

02 May 2024, 08.00pm -11.15pm

King's College, London

03 May 2024, 03.30pm - 5.00pm

UCL, London

06 May 2024, 05.30pm - 7.00pm

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